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Your Feedback

Tell us what you think

Ideal for All is committed to providing high quality services which meet your needs. We are always interested to hear your views on any aspect of our service and your experience of dealing with us, including your suggestions and ideas on how we can improve.  

We would like to hear from you if:

  • You have received a good service from us or there is one particular part of the service that you like.
  • You would like to suggest ways in which we can improve our service.
  • You are particularly unhappy with the way a member of staff assisted you.
  • You feel you have been treated unfairly or you have been discriminated against.
  • You feel unhappy about the quality of the service you have received, or the way you have received it.
  • You did not receive a service, which you feel you should have had.

If you have a suggestion or a complaint this is what we will do:

  • We will ask you to complete our form. We will be happy to fill in one for you but you must sign to confirm your comments.
  • You will be notified within 7 working days of the receipt of your completed form
  • Our reply will say who is dealing with your suggestion or complaint.
  • To read our Compliments and Complaints policy please click here
  • Ideal for All has various legislative and best practice policies that inform the work we do, these policies are available on request

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