Our People

Ideal for All is a user-led registered charity and a not for profit Company Limited by Guarantee.

Both the charity and the company are governed by a voluntary board of trustees and directors who oversee our work and are accountable to the community we serve.

A senior management team is responsible for the day-to-day operational activities of the organisation.

Ideal for All values the contributions of our trustees, members and people who use our services; their input drives the charity forward. Involving disabled people in the decision-making process at all levels is embedded in the way Ideal for All delivers its services.


What is a user-led organisation?

A user-led organisation is “one where the people the organisation represents (or provides a service to) have a majority on the Management Committee or Board, and where there is clear accountability to members and/or service users.” (Morris, 2006)



Dr ‘Blind Dave’ Heeley

Our Board Members

  • John Goff – President
  • Carol Goff - Chairperson
  • Doreen Veale – Vice Chairperson
  • Lindsey Bucknor - Treasurer (Interim)
  • Sanjiv Verma
  • Dorothy Nemedi
  • Graham Forsyth
  • Catherine Richards
  • Margaret Rees
  • Anthony Ashfield
  • John Simmonds
  • Dorothy Kaur
  • Dodi Horrex


Company Secretary

  • J Fallows


Senior Management Team

  • Khatija Patel – Chief Executive Officer
  • Marilyn Robinson – Contracts and Development Manager
  • Thomas Blake – Performance and Monitoring Officer
  • Emelye Westwood – Growing Opportunities Project Lead
  • Martin Arthurs – Direct Payment Manager