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Remember us

By remembering us in your Will, you can make sure that our work continues for future generations.

To find out more about the process of writing a Will and leaving a gift to charity, please take a look at the links below:

Leave a gift for Ideal for All

If you are planning to leave us a gift in your Will and would like to let us know, please contact us by email or write to us at the address below, marking it for the attention of the Chief Executive.

When writing your Will it is a good idea to include our registered charity number and address which is:

Charity number: 1070112

Registered address: Ideal for All Ltd, 100 Oldbury Rd, Smethwick B66 1JE.

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By attending the various support groups at Ideal for All I feel that I’m able to socialise more with other people, while before I would shut myself away from the rest of the world. I am getting more confident, more outspoken, I am able to manage my depression and anxiety better. Getting out of the house is a big deal for me and I am getting so much better thanks to lovely Ideal for All groups."