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“My mom came into Ideal for All to see what services were available for me as I have Aspergers and they told her about the youth group.

“I was interested but at the same time worried there would be lots of people. I was very shy back then and had no confidence. I suffered with panic attacks and had depression.

“I was able to access training to help manage my anxiety and improve my basic skills in IT and literacy. I really enjoyed the first youth session I attended and the more I came to sessions the more confident I felt.

“I was supported to look for voluntary work and worked with the library service for a long time.

“When I passed my driving test I started attending Ideal for All independently and felt confident travelling on my own. With help from the Employment Team I started a work placement with the Council in their postroom and have been working there ever since. I now have the opportunity to drive the works van!

“I enjoy feeling good about myself and like to help others so I came back to youth group as a volunteer to help other young people with disabilities to make sure they know how valued they are and that they can achieve whatever they put their mind to.”