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Doreen has Hypermobility Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, a chronic condition that causes fatigue, muscle and joint pain all over the body.

When her illnesses (which also include Diabetes, Lymphedema and a benign brain tumour) had progressed to the stage where she had swapped her walking frame for a wheelchair. It was becoming harder for her to get into the community and keep active.

Doreen employs several personal assistants using her Personal Budget which she takes as a Direct Payment. Ideal for All support Doreen by providing a payroll service that includes payroll calculation, registration with HMRC, management and administration of Pension Auto Enrolment and assistance with accounting for taxes and National Insurance.

“It took a long while for me to accept that I needed help but slowly I’ve got a good team around me. I’d be lost without my PAs."

Speaking of one of her PAs, Doreen said: “Kath is like my second right arm. She drives me about and I’ve got my independence now. She took me shopping for the first time in years the other day. We laughed so much that we had tears streaming down our faces.”