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Personal Assistant (FHB)

Job Title: Personal Assistant (PA)
Job Ref:     JI/FHB/01/21
Reporting to: The Employer 
Location: Moseley, Birmingham
Rate of Pay: £9.50 per hour

Who am I?
I’m looking for a Personal Assistant to help me live my life in a way which keeps me happy and comfortable.

I’m a 29 year old, non-binary person, with EDS (+ other chronic illnesses), and am an ambulatory wheelchair user. I use crutches, and am an ambulatory wheelchair user, and I’m looking for that magic someone who can make a difference in my life. 

I have 1 pet (a friendly senior cat). My two favourite subjects to talk about are psychology and accessibility. I’m a firm believer that with a little effort we can make the world accommodating to people of all kinds of needs.

I’m social so besides being happy working with me in my home, I would need your help to get to and from any social engagements or appointments I have.  I don’t have a car so it’s essential for you to drive and a have a valid driver’s license.

  • Nature of the job:
    Would you be willing to help me with communicating with others?  That could send or answering emails on my behalf, reading letters or emails out loud (my vision is variable) or helping me to answer calls – either speaking on my behalf or just putting the call on speakerphone so I can freely talk.

    I have a folding wheelchair that needs lifting for travel, so being able to manage precise and sometimes complicated manual handling is a must.

    I also need support in simple everyday tasks, such as washing dishes, hanging up wet clothes, preparing meals and drinks, and cleaning out the cat litter. Keeping my rooms clean and tidy, changing bedsheets, and taking out the rubbish. 

    I medicate myself however because my vision is variable and at times I can go completely blind, someone who has experience administering medication is desired, but not necessary. Only applicants who are able and willing to provide a high level of care will be considered.

    What’s important?
    Fun is compulsory.  I need someone who finds humour in the strangest of situations to help me keep a sense of perspective. 
    Help me help myself.  There are tasks I will need you to do for me, but there are others where I need only a little help.  I’m looking for someone who doesn’t assume that I need everything doing for me.
    Help me stay visible.  I’ve found that because of the challenges I have, sometimes people talk about like I’m not there.  How you interact with me and other people on my behalf matters.
    Be professional and informal.  This can be a challenging role and I need someone who is trustworthy, who won’t take advantage of me and my situation yet is approachable and warm to be around.
    Previous experience: I would prefer you have previous experience as I only have so much energy to explain how to handle complex disability and my needs.
  • Having a life outside of work is important. I want you to have that, however, there may be times when I need flexibility.  It might be in relation to shift patterns or working extra hours. I have flexible hours to account for my fluctuating conditions, as they can be unpredictable! I always try to give advanced notice of any changes where I can and I communicate changes using email or text messages.
  • Is this role for you?
    Embrace the opportunity to make things easier for someone like me.
    Find it rewarding to help others like and provide a high-level support to the best of your abilities.
    Stay calm under pressure and unexpected challenges don’t faze you.
    Have a strong moral compass that means you won’t compromise on your values (or mine).
    Don’t mind interacting and working with other members of my support team.  That includes paid carers and members of my family.
    Possess a willingness to learn and I will provide or give you access to as part of your role.  For example, manual handling, CPR, First Aid, Sign Language, Autism Awareness.
    Are open to working weekends each month, or splitting them with another PA.
    Your written and spoken English is sparkling and you’re at ease communicating using email and phone. 
  • What I can give you
    A comfortable working environment within my home.  I have lots of kits to support me but it also includes a friendly cat, a good kettle, and my favourite brand of tea and coffee. 
    15.5 hours of work with an hourly rate of £9.50
    A shift pattern of an hour every morning 10am-10.30am, and one hour in the evening 7pm-8pm. Also 5 flexible hours to be used for social events, hospital appointments, when my health requires extra hours, or longer jobs such as deep cleaning or weekly cooking batch days.
    5.6 weeks holiday (based on a full time 35 hours per week and pro-rated for any part-time hours)
    Opportunities to accompany me on social outings.  I like to go to the cinema, craft groups, catch up with my friends and family members, and to personal development training opportunities.
  • Are you interested?
  • If so, email PAvacancies@idealforall.co.uk, with the job reference number, your CV, and a covering letter including answers to these two questions:
    1. Why you would be a great Personal Assistant.
    2. How do you try to make the world safer or more accessible for those around you (it doesn’t have to be big)?
  • Alternatively if you would like to discuss the role please call 0121 558 5555 option 1 and speak to a member of the Direct Payment Team.