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Updated exemptions from the 'Bedroom Tax'

house3 new exemptions for the bedroom tax (under occupancy in the social rented sector) which started yesterday. The following will be able to get an extra room. (A new regulation brings in the first 2 changes - Social Security The Housing Benefit (Amendment) Regulations 2013 no 665)

  • People who are approved foster carers will be allowed an extra room, whether or not a child has been placed with them or they are between placements, so long as they have fostered a child, or become an approved foster carer in the last 12 months.
  • Adult children who are in the Armed Forces (including the Reserve Forces) but who continue to live with parents will be treated as continuing to live at home, even when deployed on operations - in addition, housing benefit recipients will not be subject to a non-dependent deduction, i.e. the amount that those who are working are expected to contribute to the household expenses, until the adult child return home.
  • 2 children under 10 who can’t share because of disability. The government have also dropped their appeal about the local housing allowance ruling in the Court of Appeal re whether 2 children under 10 should be allowed a bedroom each.  If a disabled child means they can not share a room then it is possible for a decision maker in the local authority to rule that separate rooms are allowed (normally they would be expected to share).  This should now also apply to in the social rented sector and the bedroom tax.
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